The show must go on

It’s not a live streaming,
it’s a live show

The show
must go on

It’s not a live streaming,
it’s a live show

Concept creation

To come to life, ideas and thoughts need shapes, sizes, colors, light and a shred of courage.

In this first phase, we define the creative idea and trace the thread of storytelling that will connect all the points of contact with the user, to give a unique, personal and, above all, coherent experience in all its facets.


“Life is like riding a bicycle: if you want to stay in balance you have to move.” And that’s true, but these movements need to be masterfully coordinated if you don’t want to fall down.

We work with experienced Live Streaming production directors who harmoniously direct all phases of the work. Cornerstones of every event that deserves to be told, are those Doctor Frankensteins who give a soul to the live broadcast. “Yes. It can be done”.


We’ve always been told that it’s the details that make the difference. 

But for us they also do the sum and the quotient.

We take care of every event from a stylistic and artistic point of view which results in the creation of animated and customized graphics, interfaces and banners.

& scenography

A dream, to grow, needs a crib of the right size.

We take care of the research and the scenographic preparation of the location at 360, in every aspect. We create new images, new secret places, new dimensions.

& visual

If you ever have owned a Motorola, you know how important it is to have a unique wallpaper.

What we love the most about live events is definitely the unique spirit that sets them apart from each other.

We are committed to create a suggestive imagery, communicated in every graphic and visual element.


Actors are waiting for the curtain to open, the set is ready to dominate the scene, the lights are about to point to the center of the stage. Who is missing?

Of course, the public. 

Our live streaming events differ in intention, sector, goals, but the only compromise is to improve the lives of the public. The audience is the central figure, the real protagonist, and we know how to entertain.

& music

Music! And let the dances begin!

Within our team you can find (and FEEL) professional sound engineers. If you place your ear on a shell, surely, you will intercept a new production.

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